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Hot vs. Crazy… Are You a Unicorn?

HA! This is so ridiculous it’s hilarious. Finally a scientific take on how men should choose their women based on the two most important characteristics that all women poses. Hotness and insanity. The guy in the video looks like he’s teaching at a community college in Any Town USA, and does an amazing job keeping a straight face while discussing women on his Crazy vs Hot axis graph. There are 6 different buckets that a woman can fall in, ranging from girls named Tiffany to Unicorns. Watch the clip to see where you, or the woman you’re in a relationship with, plots on his chart. Dana McLendon has had over a million views and is in negotiations with producers to make a movie based on his Matrix. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

If you have seen Fatal Attraction you know what he’s talking about when he’s describing a situation with a woman in the “No Go Zone” as getting a Bunny in the pot. Glenn Close plays a legit crazy lady who has an affair with a married man. She ends up tormenting him and his family, including killing their pet Bunny. Albeit a joke, it’s fun to hear how the average man pictures women who get designated into McLendon's 6 different buckets. The wife zone is someone who YOU think is hot with a level of crazy you can deal with. In a follow up interview he says that his wife is the first certified unicorn found on Earth. Probably something they had to agree upon before he published his Hot vs Crazy Matrix on the world wide web.