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Tinder in Real Life Online Dating vs. Reality

This video is not only hilarious and entertaining, but admit it, some of you are 100 % guilty of these things, myself included. Ditch The Label’s video describes some of our outrageous expectations and the reality that comes with online dating. It’s absurd what we create in our heads to build enough courage in order to meet a complete stranger. Majority of the time when you finally meet in person, it seems that other immediate factors play a concern. This is truly a prime example of dating

This is truly a prime example of dating in the millennium. Everyone is more judgemental than ever with whatever they want at their fingertips, this includes dating. I enjoy the simple message they are advocating. We hide behind these masks when we’re online and carry on with a separate persona. You try your best to be secure and confident when it comes to this style of dating, but it’s rough out there. I get it! Now a days, people are becoming more and more picky because they can! I enjoy videos like these, because they are extremely relatable. Having characters that displayed, “catfishing” the persistent one, the ignorer, the flasher, the picky one, the serial swiper, even the judger.



These are situations that are occurring daily. You have the capability to stalk your date prior and post meeting them in person. You can literally opt in for strictly  a hookup. Women have an app where it's ok to make the first move. They being bolder than ever asking men, “how tall are you”? display the fact that height does matter!

with a  swipe away there is a lot This showcases

I really enjoyed the end of the video with the phrases, “you wouldn’t do it offline why do it online”? “Ditch the label”.