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 5 Things that guys do that girls love
PT 1

​Easy ways to make your relationship better. A comedic glance inside of a women''s mind. See what she wants and the effect these basic tips have on her.

5 Things Guys do That Girls Love
Pt 2

​Part two! 5 more relationship tips and easy ways to please Mrs. Right, (or right now) 

Put a Ring on It

Funny but true… These men answer the questions women wish they could ask on the first date, and their answers are pretty candid too!

Hot versus crazy matrix... Are You a Unicorn? 

The universal hot versus crazy matrix. A Man's guide to women. Everything a young man needs to know about women. 

How to get a man to miss you

Matt gives woman 3 simple rules to follow when entering the "how to get a man to miss you" process.  

The real reason men go"ghost".

Derrick Jaxn, explains why dudes like to go ghost. He dissects why men all of sudden disappear. 

Love Bombing 

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the newest dating trend, "love bombing". 

Break up like a man!

Aaron Marino, gives some great tips on how to facilitate the healing process after going through a break up. 

Rules for dating multiple women and how to casually date 

Marni your personal wing girl, has some advice to provide one of viewers obviously men are dating other women. Most of them feel the grass is always greener. 

Tinder in Real life online dating versus reality  

Most of us are guilty of acting a little different online, but at what point has it gone too far? 

Huge sign he's falling in love 

How do you know if he is falling in love? 

9Sexy textsthat will drive him wild 

9 Dirty, fun and sexy texts for all occasions!

The only dating advice you'll ever need 

Remember back in the day when someone used to ask for your number and when they did call you it was on a land line!

7 dating tips for introverts that will change everything 

Things to do, where to go, and what to talk about can be the most nerve racking thing when trying to carry a conversation with someone for the first time. 

Can you be just friends with your ex?

One of the oldest questions in the relationship book. Can you be friends with your ex?  

how to look sexy on a first date

How to make him ask for a second date through fashion.