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Rules For Dating Multiple Women and How to Casually Date

Marni your personal wing girl, has some advice to provide one of her viewers. She begins to explain to her viewer that it’s ok to date multiple women at once as long as your wants do not coincide with theirs. Never lead a woman down the path of false hope. Becoming misleading, dishonest, and that jerk every woman talks about. Marni also discusses to be honest and upfront with tact. Not promising things you know you can’t provide and upsetting women in the process. 

Obviously men are dating other women. Most of them feel the grass is always greener. They have no commitment nor any obligation to anyone, so men and women should feel free to date multiple people. You should date multiple people in order to discover what you truly want. I have always suggested this method of dating, because it goes in phases. If you find what you’re looking for then narrow your options to that special someone, but still take things slow until both of you feel exclusive to each other. Marni provides a great solution to men who are considering dating multiple people and I agree with her. Have fun, be safe and date so you know what you want. However, when  a woman asks you if you’re dating other people, you don’t respond with the exact number of people you’re seeing and what is going on with each one of them. Absolutely do not let them know you are dating four women, and casually intimate with one or two. These types of responses we leave out. Men you don’t want to break a woman's heart either. Simply respond with a nice phrase that provides sincerity to the woman your spending time with. Something along the lines of, “I am dating and trying to figure out what I want. I enjoy spending time with you and looking forward to getting to know you more”. Keep it short and tactful. Now as a rule of thumb gentlemen if you are going to be intimate with someone you must step into that  zone with caution and start dating exclusively during this time of the dating process. It allows for both of you to get to know each other on a more personal level and respect each other’s safety.