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Men Answer Relationship Questions Women Are Too Afraid To Ask!

Funny but true… These men answer the questions women wish they could ask on the first date, and their answers are pretty candid too! The men are from all different backgrounds, from their mid 20’s to early 30’s providing feedback from their perspective in all types of relationships and the questions vary from why are men afraid to commit, to what is an absolute deal breaker. Definitely a funny and informative impromptu.

Most men aren't  thinking about half the stuff women ask until it's presented to them. I agree with these gentlemen for the most part. They refer to men being too focused on the needs of themselves and aren't thinking about a partner let alone trying to keep another human being alive. This is very true, as women we have relatively high expectations and in this day and age men are still trying to play catch up. Most women have a blueprint of their lives and when men don't fill the voids, frustration plays a factor and they wish these answers were in their back pocket. All very interesting points… Women, having expectations of his masculinity is apparently a big deal breaker! Whether expecting them to be super macho or even if you think that they are going to be passive because they are a certain ethnicity. Kids! What’s a good age and how many? I agree with the gentleman who said that you won’t really want them until you meet the person that makes you want to have kids. Overall good insight to a man’s mind with a humorous delivery. Well except for the horse part, the guy clearly went thru some sort of traumatic horse experience in his childhood.

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