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Men and Women Dating:

Two Types of Courage

One of our all-time favorite comedians, Louis CK talks about first dates, dating and how he sees it as a glimmer of hope for humanity. He’s pleasantly surprised that people are still dating because it proves that people haven’t just given up on life and that we are still evolving. In his hilarity he describes how men and women differ in the type of courage needed in order to date. Watch the clip to see how he gets in the heads of men and women.

I’m glad that he discusses the type of courage men need to have when mustering up enough bravery to go up to a woman in a bar or public place to ask her out. Online dating has made it sooooo easy for men so the confidence a man needs and earns when he approaches a girl in a public place has diminished (so has the fear of rejection). All a man has to do now is swipe right, and that’s basically how he starts a courtship. The courage a woman needs in order to go on date stems from all the bad things that we hear and read about that can go wrong. PSA: never agree to let a man pick you up for a first date unless he was referred to you by a friend or family member. Meeting there allows you to escape in your own set of wheels just in case he is 75LBS heavier than his latest profile picture, or a serial killer. “Hi nice to meet you, so where are we going?” to your own death, statistically.

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