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HUGE Sign He's In Love

How do you know if he is falling in love? I wish I had watched this video before living my 20’s! In this video Mark Rosenfeld talks about the BASIC sign that shows a women a man is falling in love with her. It seems trite to think that one sign can dictate the L-word, but he goes over how this trait is displayed in a few areas of your relationship.

Progression! Seems too simple, but when you break it down to different areas of the relationship this one word is mind blowing. Mark gives examples of meeting your man’s family rather early in the relationship. Maybe he needed a date to a special event or he is just super comfortable and open as a person.It does NOT necessarily mean he is falling in love. However, if he continues to bring you around and you get deeper into his world (co-workers, friends) over 3-6 months, then he is falling in LOVE! Is he more and more attentive to you as time goes on? Another great sign! Mark also gives great examples in the arenas of Future plans and Sex. This is interesting because the normal expectation is less sparks in the bedroom, as time goes on.  I definitely agree that when sex progresses it’s a sign that he is falling in love. He is making an effort to get more dialed-in, satisfying you in the bedroom; not something you do for the flavor of the week.