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How to Look Sexy on a First Date

Matthew Hussey and Louise Roe focus on helping avid daters build more confidence providing tips for you first date wardrobe. Ladies, knowing that you look good on the first date is key to securing the second (if you want a second) Keep in mind, this isn’t the New York runway, be sexy but don't try too hard .They advise you to know where you’re going and the activity you’ll be participating in before planning your couture. Matthew and Louise also offer a free skype fashion consultation!! Check it out and let us know if you get some good advice! 

This video was great, especially for someone, like me, who can spend 3 hours trying to pick something out from my closet yet still will end up going to the mall for an emergency buy. I love the fact that Matthew acknowledges that he wasn't sure if he would like certain items while they were on the hanger (off the shoulder puffy shirt and the black flower shoes) but then after seeing them on Louise he was sold! A great encouragement for us to get out of your comfort zones a little, especially when it comes to fashion.