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How to Get a Man to Miss You

From time to time I admit it’s been difficult getting over an ex. I always went to my friends replaying the situations to them. What did I say? What didn’t I say? Gathering new advice and trying to comprehend how not to make the same mistakes in the future. In this quick tutorial Mr. Matthew Boggs, dating coach expert explains the one of many tricks women want to know. This dating coach expert provides a video tutorial focused on, “how to get a man to miss you”. He provides women advice on 3 key points. More relevant to today’s day and age, but overall helpful tips. You have to trust the process.

Matt gives women a simple 3 rules to follow when entering the “how to get a man to miss you” process. Not only does he state repeatedly that this is extremely challenging and in order for it to work you must complete the entire process but he makes you feel very accomplished if you achieve this difficult goal.


This includes no contact or any type of communication with your ex for a whole thirty days. No texting him, direct messaging, emailing, and absolutely no calling! This takes strength, will and surrounding yourself with those that can support you through this time. Matt discusses igniting that fire of desire in a man, when you follow the process for thirty days. It’s a tough journey but a rewarding outcome. He discusses in chronological order how you will be able to win your man back and not in a crazy way.

1. Absence - Your ex needs to feel the contrast of you not being in his presence to ignite the desire to come back to you. He needs a chance to miss you. Give it to him! Absolutely no contact in person or by any means technology.

2. Advancing life. - While giving him a chance to miss you, it becomes an opportunity to become a better you. Have a new adventure create new friends, get into more hobbies, and post like crazy. Social media is out there now. He will see pics on instagram. Showing him you have a life that does not include him, makes a profound statement. It shows your dynamic and growing. It causes him to discover how much you’ve advanced your life without him.

3. Attention grabber. Grab his attention and open an invitation. This is your moving forward stage. Men love to know that their thoughts are being respected. After the suggested time frame has gone by,  ask where a good venue would be to go out with your friends,but around the area he lives. He’s obviously familiar with the locations and can advise some great spots. He’s aware that you are moving forward and now he wants to be a part of it. He will see that moment to ask and see you again. He sees that you’re happy, joyful, more independent, and how he remembers meeting you. Embrace this opportunity to make the decision you want.