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The REAL Reason Men Go "Ghost"

Derrick Jaxn, explains why dudes like to go ghost… He dissects why men all of a sudden disappear. What truly is the definition of ghosting? Violating the relationship and disrespecting him, that doesn’t warrant an excuse, is not ghosting. Neither is it, when you have been talking for a couple days and he doesn’t communicate with you anymore, definitely not ghosting. It’s just the lowest level of commitment and he isn’t interested at that point. Derrick explains that ghosting is when you are cuddling at night, hanging out all the time, and actually have a routine dating life. You guys both stop dating anyone else and start to function as if the relationship is headed somewhere  and he starts not responding to your text, or calls, and drops all points of communication. He states that ghosting occurs for a couple reasons. He can’t continue on with what you’re building because it conflicts with something he might have mentioned to you earlier. Another reason he might ghost, is because he just found someone else.

I truly believe the reason why men go ghost is because they’re afraid to commit to the unknown. No one deserves to be treated in this manner and it shows the utmost disrespect, immaturity and cowardness a human being can display. It’s sad that someone can take your heart and all emotions from you, because he couldn’t admit to it just not working out. When men go ghost they forget that there were two parties involved. Ladies never ever blame yourself! If a guy communicates with you after, it may be hard, but let him be dead! It’s a blessing you dodge this bullet. If a man goes ghost, he more than likely will go ghost again. Unless you want to be a revolving door, then welcome him back in! He truly needs to stay and make a commitment, or keep that door open and lead him out