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Friends With Your EX?

One of the oldest questions in the relationship book. Can you be friends with your ex? Aaron Marino describes the most cliché breakup in about 10 seconds. Cliché’s exist for a reason, so yes…. it’s probably the most typical breakup and in this scenario his advice rings true. The video describes a few different scenarios that can occur if you remain friends with your EX and the resulting ramifications. Watch… and see if you’ve found yourself in one of these crazy scenarios.

In most cases I think Aaron in Alpha M is right. Especially when trying to maintain a friendship directly after a breakup…something naughty is bound to happen. It’s impossible to separate romantic feelings from friendship feelings after your hearts been thrown out a window, no matter how emotionally buff you think you are. However, I think that in SOME cases, when a relationship ends on its own volition and there was no animosity, it’s possible. Possible after time, a long time, so much time that maybe one of you are married with children and the other is also in a happy relationship. When is being friends NOT your decision? Yup, when there are kids involved. Then it’s a must because these kids will have birthdays, proms, and weddings and the last thing you want is to either miss out on these events or to steal the show with another humiliating fight between you and your EX.