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The Only Dating Advice You’ll Ever Need

Remember back in the day when a boy or girl had to ask for your number and when they did call you it was on a land line! (Ok-most of you probably don’t.) Not only did they have to muster up the courage to call you but to potentially have to talk to you parents and introduce themselves formally. This rite of passage is long gone…it’s hard to find a kid in Elementary school without a smart phone, or a single millennial that is not on a dating app. So, no wonder we have started playing “dating games”. In this video Anna Akana explains how trying to get the upper hand in a relationship, before you even go on the first date can seriously backfire.

What a refreshing thought…. be yourself! I have to admit that it took me almost a decade to figure this one out. I was always trying to ensure that I had the upper hand and that I was the more coveted one in the relationship. I distinctly remember the first time I was “myself” in a relationship, and at that point It was the most fun and exciting 7 months I’d had in a relationship. Did it last? Of course not! For starters he was 6 years my junior and it was the first relationship that allowed me to experience me. Ana’s grandmother was right, don’t try to follow any rules about waiting to text for two days and make sure that you never text them more etc. Just be YOURSELF that way you both know right from the start that there is some REAL chemistry. My best relationship started with my date telling me that he’s never been able to REALLY be himself in any other relationship (I think I encouraged his behavior my just being me with no relationship games) and it ended in Marriage.