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Break Up Like a Man!

Aaron Marino in Alpa M, gives some great tips on how to facilitate the healing process after going thru a breakup. He acknowledges that breakups are some of the most depressing times we can go thru and being able to cope well is key to your healing and being able to saddle back to start dating again. The tips are supposed to be geared towards men but they are actually beneficial for sexes. He not only gives advice on what NOT to do but also things to engage in, in order to ensure your actively trying to get yourself in a better place mentally.

Breakups, especially if you’re on the receiving end, hurt. The 6 tips Alpha M provides on how to break up like a man were specific and relative to both genders. At the beginning of the clip Aaron describes how much a breakup hurts from a man’s perspective. Because it’s just their nature, men don’t typically show how devastated they are when they are going thru any type of emotional trauma. So thanks Aaron, it feels good to know that men go thru a parallel experience. Two of the things he says NOT to do are drink and sleep around…. so if a guys doing that it’s a sign of his hurt and he is self-medicating. Ladies! Drinking after a break up will not only cause more depression (alcohol is a depressant) but may cause the drunk dials and social media stalking that we ALWAYS regret in the morning. As Aaron says, the pain will dwindle and time will heal, as long as you are productive and not self-destructive.