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5 Things That Guys Do That Girls Love

Part 2

What are the 5 most important things women are looking for from Men? Watch this fun video to gain tips to be a better, husband, boy toy, or boyfriend. Not ready for a breakup, make sure your man checks this out.

A little cheesy, but it''s like Lilly read the minds of women and was able to teach men how to do 5 simple things in a language men understand; funny video clips. If your guy is not actively searching how to make you happy and in turn his life better, make sure he subscribes to our page for more videos like this. 


Also, steal a few moves with this video and spice up the romance. Love the tip on hugging from behind, a must for every man. Taking dating advice from your friends can sometimes be like taking financial advice from a bum. 

The Sexy Texts.

How Can You Make Him Want You?

Online Dating.

You Really Getting What You're Looking At?